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This is Ekkus

cos somebody is too lazy to post
this is atm only ekkus

I like Kanato

and others

All work original by Ekkus

Please do not distribute, use, edit, or print without permisson

Casual blog>

I can talk with you about these↓

-Haikyuu!!-Tokyo Ghoul-Pandora Hearts-

-South Park-Happy Tree Friends-

-Kancolle-Diabolik Lovers-Danganronpa-


-Tissue Hime-H.J.Freaks-[MINT]-drmao-


-Touhou Project-Sound Horizon-Tokyo Incidents-

Ships quite a lot both BG and BL ( ´•౪•`)

but please keep away from real person shippings
commission info


[left-top] Avatar/Icon - Fully coloured [512x512px canvas] $8

[right-top] Waist up - Up to 5 main colours [1024x1024px canvas] $8

[middle] Sketch - B&W or single coloured line [1024x1024px canvas] $5

[left-bot] Shoulder up - Fully coloured with single colour background [900x1200px canvas] $12

[right-bot] Full body chibi - Fully coloured [700x1000px canvas] $10


-There will be 3 slots opening at the same time. Once one commission is all completed, that slot will be available again.

-I can do both OC and fan art. If the character you would like me to draw is from a work I’ve never seen, I’m willing to watch/read it.

-For R18 stuff, at the moment I only do R18G, as in guro.

-I’ll be quite busy as my high school is ending atm, so I’ll only be doing single characters.

-Payments through paypal, preferably upfront.


If you’re interested, please message or email me at ekkus66♪ (♪→@) 



Email (if you are messaging me)

Character name and where s/he is from

Anything else you would like me to know

Thankyouu٩(∗ ❛⃘ ᗜ​ ❜⃘⃘ ∗)۶